University of Texas at Dallas manipulating active COVID-19 case graph


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The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) has been caught manipulating its active case graph on its COVID-19 dashboard in an attempt to downplay the severity of infections on campus.

University of Texas at Dallas Visitors Center [Credit: Wikipedia/Stan9999 – Public Domain]

UTD reopened fully in person on August 23, with the result being at least 387 infections among students and staff. Before August 23, a total of 513 cases had been recorded among students and staff for the duration of the pandemic. That is, UTD recorded in less than two months into the school year three-quarters of the total infections for the whole duration of the pandemic before August 23. At least 900 students and staff have been infected since the start of the pandemic.

Tellingly, the university is holding its annual “State of the University” address virtually, releasing a recorded statement on October 19 instead of delivering it in person. This is an underhanded acknowledgment by university administrators of the dangers of in-person classes, while assuring students and staff otherwise.

Last month, Reddit user u/nolightallnight detailed in a series of posts on UTD’s unofficial Reddit page the significant and unexplained gaps in the official reporting of active COVID-19 cases, with cases appearing, and then the next day seemingly disappearing from the university’s dashboard.

A graph assembled by u/nolightallnight (accessible here) illustrates the gap between the “active cases” displayed by the university, and the actual feasible active cases at points 100 cases or more below the actual feasible cases.

The University Vice President for Student Affairs (UVPSA) Dr. Gene Fitch, Jr. responded on Reddit to the discrepancies saying “It’s really disappointing to think that some of you believe that the data is being manipulated so UTD can benefit on some level, financially, from this pandemic. Our decisions have always been based on the science available to us and with the health and safety of our entire community in mind.”


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