[ad_1] Democrats are currently considering including a tax break for the wealthy in the reconciliation bill — but Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) has rejected the proposal, calling the idea “beyond unacceptable.” Democrats are debating adding a repeal of the SALT tax deduction cap for five years in their Build Back Better Act. Under the current
[ad_1] by ANDREW HENDERSON || Crucial to President Biden’s $3.5 trillion agenda is a wide range of tax penalties targeting the wealthy, broadly defined as households with incomes over $400,000 (“the usual targets”). Democrats claim the only targets are wealthy Americans, who face higher rates and closed loopholes. For example, the Biden administration’s “American Families
[ad_1] ANALYSIS/OPINION: For years, the left has tried to perpetuate the falsehood that the wealthy are not paying their “fair share” of America’s income tax burden.During the past few weeks, President Joe Biden and several congressional Democrats have hammered this talking point, claiming that if the so-called wealthy simply paid their “fair share,” the Democrats’
[ad_1] People of ordinary means — 75% of Americans — are in need of quality financial advisors, but the financial services industry has largely snubbed them, argues Jason Wenk, founder and CEO of Altruist, in an interview with ThinkAdvisor. “Great advice has gotten more exclusive, not more inclusive,” he says. “What we’ve seen in the last couple of