[ad_1] Deputies pulled Joshua Langley over for failing to signal a turn. They stopped John McGill’s F-150 pick-up because his license plate was “faulty.” Lisa Woodruff was detained for an expired registration. Larry Turner was pulled over after running a stop sign. While they were stopped by Henderson County sheriff’s deputies last year for different
[ad_1] On August 19, a Barbados-registered cargo ship 150 miles from Spain’s Canary Islands came across a semi-submerged plastic motorboat. Inside, the crew discovered a thirty-year-old woman from the Ivory Coast — the last survivor of a group of fifty-three people that had set out seven days earlier from the shore close to the southern
[ad_1] Lured by the promise of yields approaching 12 percent, gifts such as Dyson air purifiers and Gucci bags, and the guarantee of China’s top-selling developer, tens of thousands of investors bought wealth management products through China Evergrande Group. Now, many fear they may never get their investments back after the cash-strapped property developer recently