[ad_1] Deputies pulled Joshua Langley over for failing to signal a turn. They stopped John McGill’s F-150 pick-up because his license plate was “faulty.” Lisa Woodruff was detained for an expired registration. Larry Turner was pulled over after running a stop sign. While they were stopped by Henderson County sheriff’s deputies last year for different
[ad_1] Elon Musk. Getty Images On Monday, as Tesla shares surged—adding another $26 billion to Elon Musk‘s now $254 billion fortune—certain Democrats in Congress were working away on a proposed new tax on billionaires. Then, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR), unveiled a 107-page plan that would
[ad_1] Republicans, meanwhile, are on defense in Arizona and Georgia, with big question marks in a quartet of traditionally blue states that have nevertheless elected and reelected Republican governors recently. “What are the top three states for them? Kansas, Wisconsin and Michigan,” Rexrode said. “What are our big three states? Kansas, Wisconsin and Michigan.” An
[ad_1] With his approval ratings battered by several failures in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Joe Biden is turning his attention to massive infrastructure spending and expanding the government’s programs to provide a social safety net for Americans who are struggling. Biden Proposes Tax Hikes to Boost Washington’s Budget If passed, Biden’s tax plan would raise