[ad_1] NORTH CHARLESTON — An old drug store on Reynolds Avenue has been refurbished into a multiuse building. Its current tenants include a political campaign, a crystals store and a barbershop. Less than 2 miles around the corner, on Spruill Avenue, an old ice distribution center has been redeveloped into office spaces for an architectural studio,
[ad_1] Manufacturing-led growth has been the central development paradigm for centuries, but it is time to shift the spotlight. The share of industry in total employment across low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) has, strikingly, remained almost unchanged in recent decades (Figure 1).  Rather, the share of the services sector increased from 40 percent to 50
[ad_1]   Manufacturers are working hard to create apprenticeship and workforce development programs that can help strengthen our industry, close the skills gap and prepare new workers for exciting, fulfilling careers. Last week, Leah Curry, president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, urged Congress to take up these priorities when she testified to the Senate Subcommittee
[ad_1] Population growth, the quality of local waterways and traffic are some of the most important issues that Sarasota County residents say are facing the county today.   Each year, the University of South Florida conducts a Citizen’s Opinion Survey for Sarasota County. This year, the survey of 1,250 people found that 23.2% of respondents consider