[ad_1] The Walton family, billionaire heirs to the Walmart Inc. fortune, have been very involved in efforts to solve the water shortage crisis on the Colorado River, a Wall Street Journal analysis found. Over the past decade, they’ve given around $200 million to various advocacy groups, universities, and media outlets devoted to helping the river
[ad_1] Judy Woodruff: Whether teaching NYU marketing students or co-hosting the podcast “Pivot,” Scott Galloway rarely misses an opportunity to share his insight on the effects of big tech. Tonight, he shares his Brief But Spectacular take on this country’s response to the pandemic. It is also the subject of his latest book, “Post Corona:
[ad_1] Toronto, Canada – Tenants trickle into a food bank on the second floor of Parkdale’s 103 West Lodge Avenue concrete apartment tower in pairs. Isaac Capella Guerrero, a construction worker who makes $100,000 a year, is among them. The 41-year-old father of two says he is leaving this west-end Toronto neighbourhood; his two-bedroom apartment