[ad_1] Higher rates of COVID-19 infection among essential and frontline workers put a spotlight on underinsured laborers. Essential workers—those who perform a range of jobs and services that are necessary for society to function well, including but not limited to occupations in health care, food service, and public transportation—are less likely to have insurance and
[ad_1] Hours after the Supreme Court in 2019 narrowly upheld the Affordable Care Act but rejected making Medicaid expansion mandatory for states, Obama administration officials laughed when asked whether that would pose a problem. In a White House briefing, top advisers to President Barack Obama told reporters states would be foolish to turn away billions
[ad_1] Welcome to Tuesday’s Overnight Health Care, where we’re following the latest moves on policy and news affecting your health. Subscribe here: It’s lockdown-lickin’ good. A pair of men in New Zealand were arrested after they were caught trying to enter Auckland with their car’s trunk full of KFC— and $70,000 in cash. Restaurants