Property tax bills sent; due Dec. 1


Coweta property tax bills were sent out last week, and most Coweta property owners should have now received their bills for real property.

Property taxes are due Dec. 1.

Bills are sent to the owner of record as of Jan. 1. They are also sent to the most current owner of a property based on Coweta Tax Assessor records at the time the bills are sent, said Coweta Tax Commissioner Robi Brook.

However, some newer property owners may not receive their bill.

Taxpayers who haven’t received a tax bill on any property they own in Coweta County or its municipalities by mid-October are encouraged to check online to view and print the bill themselves, said Brook.

Records may still be in the name of the person who owned the property on Jan 1. To find your tax bill, visit and click on “search and pay taxes.”

The Coweta Tax Commissioner’s office collects county taxes as well as taxes for the other taxing authorities, including municipalities and the Coweta County Board of Education. All taxes are included on one bill.

Property owners who have their taxes paid through their mortgage company may need to forward a copy of the bill or the top stub of the bill to their mortgage company to ensure that payment is made promptly. However, many mortgage companies get information about their customers from the tax commissioner’s website, Brook said.

She added that many mortgage companies don’t actually submit payment until close to the due date, even though funds may have been deducted from the homeowner’s escrow account weeks earlier. Property owners can see if the taxes have been paid by searching for their property on the website.

If taxpayers have appealed their property tax value for 2021 and that appeal has not yet been settled, they will receive a temporary tax bill, based on 85 percent of the valuation set by the assessor’s office. Those bills are due Dec. 1, as well. Once the appeal is settled, taxpayers will either receive a refund or owe additional taxes.

Property tax bills may be paid online, by mail, in the office or through the secure drop box outside the tax commissioner’s office, on the Perry Street side of the Coweta Administration Building. The office accepts cash, check, debit and credit card payments and e-checks; processing fees are charged on credit card payments.

Those wishing to pay inside the office must sign up for the office’s queue system when they arrive. You can also make an appointment and check wait times online. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Property tax bills include a QR code that will take taxpayers directly to the tax commissioner’s website.

For more information visit or call 770-254-2670.

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