Hard work, skill and honesty do pay off


I passed the bar exam in May of 1980. Thus, I have been a lawyer for over 41 years. I have been blessed to be partners with some of the best lawyers in Missouri. My first 20 years were spent with the Honorable Michael W. Manners until Mike came to me in 2000 and informed me that he was going to apply for a circuit judgeship. He was a slam dunk to get it, and he was then appointed to be the judge of Division 2 in Independence, about 100 feet from where he practiced law. Mike and I tried a number of cases together. I blame my premature gray hair on Mike, although my father’s hair was the same color in his early 40s.

Bob Buckley

Mike taught me the value of hard work. No lawyer ever outworked Mike, and he combined supreme intellect with a strong work ethic and phenomenal courtroom skills. He was also one of the best appellate lawyers in the history of Missouri and still handles appeals on significant cases for other lawyers. Mike did not like the medical parts of cases, but I did enjoy handling the medical part and Mike trusted me do so. I had aspired at a young age to be a doctor until I discovered that I was not very good in the sciences, so this was a different way of immersing myself in medicine.


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