Guide To Playing As A Gryphon


The Gryphon in For Honor serves as one of the most versatile support characters among the Knights Faction. As a Hybrid Class, the Gryphon wields its Bardiche polearm in dominating mid-ranged combat. However, it also boasts a number of support abilities that make it the perfect backup for team fights.

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However, the Gryphon’s versatile toolkit might make it tricky for newcomers to maximize the Class to their needs. Moreover, the heavy emphasis on support might make the Gryphon unviable for combat at first glance. Still, the Gryphon’s arsenal does offer a few surprises that, in the right hands, can devastate opponents.

They’re The Perfect Support

A Gryphon approaching an opponent with allies

Unlike other Heroes, the Gryphon’s toolkit encourages supportive play. As such, newcomers may find themselves struggling to maintain reasonable damage numbers or offense in general. Skilled Gryphons, though, tap into the Hero’s supportive abilities to keep allies alive.

Gryphons possess a flexible kit to accommodate cooperative setups. Aside from its Finishers being Veteran Moves with special properties, the Gryphon’s toolkit excels in ganking opponents. If possible, Gryphons should stay with heavy damage dealers in order to keep the pressure in team fights.

Healing Is Key

A Gryphon preparing for fight

When used properly, a Gryphon in any team setup won’t likely need a damage-intensive build. Rather, choosing the right healer Feats can ensure that their team remains intact while other members serve as primary damage dealers.

To do this, the Gryphon may want to prioritize the following Feats:

  • Speed Revive
  • Draconite Mist
  • Draconite Bolt
  • A choice between Champion’s Aura and Draconite Cleanser

Understand Basic Attacks

A Gryphon attacking opponents with a horizontal attack

Learning certain quirks hidden in the Gryphon’s basic attack options can help them understand why the Gryphon has what seems to be a “limited” moveset. Here are things to consider:

  • Light Attack: Should the Gryphon land a Light opener for a basic chain, they can make their next attack as a Guaranteed Light provided they do it in the same direction. This deals less damage.
  • Zone Attack: The Gryphon possesses a typical horizontal slash as a zoning attack, but it’s a bit slow to work with.
  • Dauntless Chase (Running Attack): Should this attack land, the Gryphon will lift the target and throw them behind him. This can become a mean interruption to a combo.

Veteran’s Moves

Courtesy of the Veteran’s Moves property, all Gryphon finishers possess special qualities:

  • Veteran’s Scolding: All Light finishers are considered Undodgeable.
  • Veteran’s Lessons: All heavy finishers are Uninterruptible, except Veteran’s Slash. These finishers possess Hyper Armor, meaning opponents can’t interrupt them throughout the animation process.

Compensates Defense With Multiple Options

A Gryphon slashing an opponent

Granted, the Gryphon has quite a straightforward toolkit. However, their rather slow attacks leave their defenses wide open to retaliation. Thankfully, the Hero does have unique approaches to Guardbreaks, Parries, and Dodges that boost their defensive potential.

  • Defense: Static: Unlike other Heroes, the Gryphon’s Guard remains active in whichever direction they want. This effect lasts even when they perform Dodges. Gryphons should keep their Guard to where the enemy is moving, so that they have a higher chance of blocking their Dodge attack.
  • Guardbreak Punish: Gryphons who catch an opponent doing a Guardbreak can immediately punish with a Heavy attack. If possible, time this when the opponent is against the wall, which gives room for a top Heavy finish.


As with other Heroes, the Gryphon’s Dodge options allow them to try and outmaneuver enemies. However, this Hero’s versions of Dodges can give them an edge or a vulnerability depending on how they use them.

  • Helm Cleaver (Forward Dodge Light): This acts like a typical Forward Dodge, with the swiftness of the Light attack augmenting its speed component.
  • Mind Cleaver (Forward Dodge Heavy): This Forward Dodge Heavy covers a decent amount of distance, making it ideal for chases. When used properly, Mind Cleaver can help the Gryphon head straight to a finisher. Be careful though, as Mind Cleaver cannot be feinted.
  • Soul Cleaver (Sideways Dodge): This Sideways Dodge counts as a Heavy attack. Given this consideration, it can head straight into a finisher. However, like Mind Cleaver, Soul Cleaver cannot be feinted. Thankfully, its small chances of creating room for Guardbreaks helps compensate for the lack of feint.

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Depending on the situation, a Gryphon can transform a Parry into an enemy’s worst nightmare:


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